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The Skin on My Chin is available at
     ISBN - 10: 1482529831           ISBN - 13: 978-1482529838

   This is the first children's book for Michelle Chalmers, who lives in Wellesley, Massachusetts with her husband and two sons.

Michelle received a BSW from Wheelock College in Boston, an MSW from San Diego State University and is currently completing a graduate certificate in Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion, at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Her passion has always been working with children, and after having children of her own, learned one of the best ways to help teach her children, was through books. 

The Skin on My Chin was created to provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to engage in conversations with children about skin. Specifically, to talk about what skin does and what skin doesn't or can't do.

Thank you for your interest in The Skin on My Chin, and please reach out to me anytime.

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About the Author

Michelle Chalmers, MSW

Facilitator of Diversity Conversations

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The Skin on My Chin and other books    By Michelle Chalmers